Using garage doors in your home

A Garage door is one of the most important parts of a home. They protect our belongings from rain, storm and also from getting stolen. They maintain the temperature for vehicles and they also add curb appeal and value to the home. Although the most noticeable part of the garage door system is the door itself, there are also some other essential parts.
Parts of garage doors:
The door panels are treated as the most important part of a garage door. Today, most of the automatic doors are so made that they are built in panels, which are connected with hinges. This is the reason that they can smoothly go up when they are opened. Now-a-days, door construction is such that the door is created by joining the main part with four or five panels. As it is modern times, the options have increased and the owners have a lot of choices while taking a decision in selecting the styles or the materials that will be used for creating a garage door.

One might have a metal door that may resemble a barn or wooden door or opt for the traditional door containing many raised panels. No matter what design you prefer to adopt, you must remember that the door must have enough capability to protect your belongings from weather conditions, burglars etc, and should also be long lasting.

For opening the doors a motor is needed and it is another important part of a garage door system. Depending on the model adopted, these motors have several ratings of horsepower. During the time of choosing the motor, it is important to mention the size and weight of your door so that the right type of motor is procured and installed. Some people use a battery back up system garage doors or those that have their own power supply so that they can work during a power outage. Remote controlled automatic garage door systems are preferred.
There are some other parts too. There is a connection between the garage door and the motor and this is held by pulleys and they lower and lift the door body. There are wheels to move the door up and down. The track is widespread from floor to roof and the wheels serve a good purpose for moving the door. There are some other garage doors parts and they are: strut, drum, cable, panel hinges, torsion spring, extension spring etc.

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