Serviced Office Space

Searching for an office space in a new city or for that matter even in a known place can be tedious. Location, size and even the interiors of the office make a tremendous impact on a business and the best choice for start-ups are serviced offices. There are so many advantages to this kind of commercial real estate that there is a huge demand for them. There is so much choice available in this segment that finding a workspace that fits your budget, taste and other requirements of your business is not a problem.

What’s On Offer?

Serviced offices are best suitable for start-up operations, for businesses that are not too big but still need a decent amount of space to operate from and for businesses that are moving to a new location and are not too familiar with the local environment etc. Serviced offices are basically well catered for office spaces available on lease. They come with almost everything that an office requires for smooth functioning. It is so convenient for the business to deal with just the real estate company and get all that is needed for their operations. Right from furniture to cleaning and maintaining the space, electricity and lighting are all provided for and charged along with the rental. This is primarily why these offices cost a little more than conventional office rents. Secretarial services and telephone answering are even included in the platter of services offered. The only extra cost for the company that rents out such a space is telephone and Internet charges.

Aesthetic Office Space

Serviced offices have the best and latest furniture and workstations in place. Before renting out the place, it is done up to meet the space requirements of the business. A lot of care is given to the comfort of employees by providing good quality chairs and desks. It’s designed to offer enough space for each employee to breathe and enjoy some amount of privacy to focus on work yet stay in contact with colleagues. With all this taken care off, any business that rents out such a space can get directly to work, no need to spend time an effort in getting the office ready. This thus helps get the best real estate address for the business and increase productivity. Such rental leases come for shorter durations when compared to regular commercial real estate lease. This is more so to cater to the business priorities. Some may want to increase space due to increase in employee numbers while others use it as a temporary base etc. But these lease agreements can be renewed like any other and yet offer flexibility.

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