Racquetball For Cardio and Weight Loss

To start playing racquetball, you have to register yourself at a local club. Then begin playing 2 times a week. An hour of racquetball burns about 600 calories, which makes it an excellent option at losing weight. Spend around an hour and a half two times a week. Then once in a while you can you can add one more day in the evening or afternoon.

You have to start playing and learn the rules. It is advisable to play against professionals and it will help you pick up some tips and expertise. But when you play with people who don’t know the game, you become lazy and don’t exert yourself.

Here are the rules of the game. In the game, there are 2 players (solo) and a server will stand in the middle of the court and hit the ball against the back wall. They have to hit the ball against the back wall and bounce on the floor at the back of the serving line but should not hit the front wall (the wall at your back).

The ball can hit either of the side walls, but that is all.  If the serve hits 3 walls, it is considered as out.  The server receives 2 attempts to put the ball into game.  Once the ball is in game, however, ANYTHING is accepted.  Any wall is ok and you can let the ball hit as many walls as you desire.

To win:  After the ball hits the back wall, it should bounce on the floor once prior to hitting it against the back wall again. So if you hit the back wall, and the ball bounces once, the other player has to hit the ball against the back wall prior to it bouncing again.

It is a simple and fun game.

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