How to find slab leak and repair with minimum damage

Very few things can be as irritating as a dripping pipe! As a home owner or the owner of a commercial building, you will be faced with regular maintenance problems and dripping pipes and leaks can be one of them. Many people find themselves faced with the need to address the question of how to find slab leak and repair the same with minimum damage and time. It is probably best to call in an expert when and if you come across some slab leakage problems.

 Why do slab leaks occur?

A lot of times, there is a network of copper water lines or pipe lines made of some other materials that run underneath the house. This network of pipes can be beset by problems such as:

  • Wear and tear
  • Erosion due to the salt content of the water
  • Shifts in soil and pipe fixtures
  • Faulty fixtures which can give way under the water pressure and even
  • Low quality material which may not last long.

Regardless of the problems, they end up in producing leaks under the slab. The identification of this leak becomes important because locating the source of the leak can be an extremely time-consuming and rigorous effort.

 Identifying the source of the leak

While most plumbers will tell you that repairing the leak itself is not such a big deal, the right identification of the source of the leak is extremely important. More often than not, plumbers have to cut and uproot tiles or slabs to get to the faulty pipes. Sometimes, if this exercise is not done in the correct manner, it can lead to a larger area of demolition, so to speak. Thus, the question of how to find slab leak and repair has to be preceded with how to find the right kind of plumber.

 Necessary expertise

You may also have to look for a plumber with the necessary expertise. Sometimes, the leaks can be occurring because of sewer lines, hot water lines or general plumbing lines. Your plumber should have the necessary expertise or area of specialization to deal with these different sources of leaks.

Timeliness is also extremely important when you are trying to deal with slab leaks. This is simply because if left untreated, even a small slab leak can cause:

  • Widespread corrosion
  • Weakening in the foundation and even irreversible damage
  • Bigger leaks and water damage in low-lying areas such as basements.

Therefore, finding a good plumber and doing so in time can indeed go a long way in helping find a slab leak and repair the same.

 Other problems

A slab leak will also lead to an increase in your water bill. In fact, this is one of the ways in which you can identify that you do have some kind of leakage. When you notice a jump in your water bill, even though your consumption is more or less unchanged, you must suspect a leak of some kind!

Thus, finding the right kind of plumber who can help minimize the damage when it comes to identification of the slab leak can indeed go a long way in helping you control the repair bills as well.

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