Getting a divorce in Florida – Some tips

Sometimes, marriages do not work out. The reasons can range from incompatibility to infidelity. If the reasons for going in for a divorce are concrete and valid, then most couples do look for making it as painless and quick as possible. Perhaps one of the easiest things to do in this scenario is to get a divorce in Florida. For this, there are a few aspects and tips that you must keep in mind.

Presence of children

If there are no minor children involved, then the process of dissolution of a marriage in Florida is pretty simple. It also eliminates the need to go through the family court system. Some prerequisites are:

  • at least one of the spouse in the relationship must been a resident of Florida for a minimum of 6 months
  • there is absolutely no need to go into the reasons for the divorce
  • the dissolution can be pretty quick if both individuals fill up and submit a written agreement as to the divorce and also marital settlement
  • custody hearings come into play if the marriages resulted in children.

Division of property

One of the biggest aspects in any divorce is the division of property or assets. If there is no prenuptial agreement then according to the Florida legal system all the property is divided equally between the 2 individuals. Unless one individual can comprehensively prove why he or she cannot share particular assets or property, this rule comes into play. Division of property takes on a different dimension if there are minor children involved. Whichever spouse gets custody of minor children also gets ownership of the home, if any.

Custodial issues

When there are minor children involved, then the proceedings for divorce in Florida will go into issues such as:

  • parenting time or timesharing schedules
  • health insurance
  • child support
  • alimony and even
  • ownership of the home is the couple has one.

Seeking professional advice

Though there are plenty of resources online and it is even easy to start the divorce proceedings by simply filling out a form online, it is definitely advisable to seek professional expertise. This could be a family lawyer or someone who has been referred by a friend. Such an individual or law firm will be able to give you clear details as to the divorce proceedings and more importantly help you with the paperwork as well.


Broadly speaking, Florida courts allow either a simplified dissolution of marriage or a regular dissolution of marriage. In the former, there may not even be the necessity of an attorney but the couple has to take it upon themselves to file the paperwork and put in court appearances. In a regular dissolution of marriage the partners can cross examine each other and even get hold of documents pertaining to the financial health of each other.

This, getting a quick divorce done in Florida can simply be a question of how much you and your spouse work together to simplify the process. But if it were to get complicated, you may be better off retaining the services of an attorney or a law firm.

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Dr. Robert Hetsler has been a practicing divorce mediator in Florida for over a decade. He has mediated nearly 3,000 divorce cases and is often called upon to provide expert testimony in divorce cases throughout Florida. For more information on divorce Jacksonville, visit:

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