Exhibitor checklist when dealing with Exhibition Organisers

When you are doing your first exhibition, regardless of where it is, you want to make sure that you have the best possible showing. However, if you start planning the week before you attend a tradeshow or expo, chances are that you are going to feel overwhelmed. That is why we have the information broken down into different timeframes.

8-10 weeks before the show

You want to start planning early, so if you have access to some of this information beforehand, it is even better. Go through these steps carefully:

  • Read your exhibitors’ manual thoroughly – Is there anything that you need more details about? Is everything clear?
  • Check that your stand and its contents are insured
  • Make hotel reservations – There is nothing more frustrating than finding out that you cannot stay anywhere near the exhibition.
  • Invite potential customers and key clients– Are there specific visitors you are targeting?
  • Appoint a stand contractor
  • Create show collateral and giveaways – Make sure that you give your prospects value in exchange for contact information, something they will keep rather than toss out early.
  • Review your objectives and make a plan – What is the goal of the exhibition? Do you want to promote your product or service or are you aiming for a specific quota?
  • Request exhibitor badges – Starting early ensures that you are able to fix any possible mistakes.

3-7 weeks before the show

  • Check if guests know your stand and hall number – Instead of them wandering about the show, you want them to know where to find you.
  • Arrange shipping of equipment and units
  • Order rigging, security, food and beverage, Internet, telephone, stand cleaner, and electrical services (if required).

10 days before the show

  • Check confirmations for ordered services – When you give them at least a week beforehand, it ensures that you can actually fix any discrepancies.
  • Plan post-show follow-up activities – You want to make sure that you have a plan of how and when to contact interested parties.
  • Follow up invitations with phone calls – Especially if you invited guests weeks ago, a quick phone call is a great reminder.
  • Ensure staff has exhibitor badges
  • Check move-in date and time
  • Organize stationery and literature supplies

After the show

The process does not stop after the show either. While you are at the show, you may notice fresh and unusual ideas from some of the competitor’s booths. Write down any possible information that might help for next time, seek feedback from your visitors to make sure that you get better in the future.

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