Choosing Eagle Tattoos

People all over the world choose eagle tattoos because of reasons such as:

  • It is one of the symbols associated with America,
  • The eagle is overpoweringly masculine
  • It has been associated with almost all major civilizations of the world and
  • Eagle tattoos offer a huge scope for creativity and inspiration.

Choosing the right kind of design and knowing what it symbolizes needs to be kept in mind if you are planning to get an eagle tattoo.


Eagle tattoos can be etched on almost any part of your body. Men normally go in for elaborate tattoos on their chests or backs. One of the most popular motifs for these areas is an eagle with its wings outstretched. An eagle tattoo can also be found on the upper arms or even the sides or torso of the body.

The look of the eagle

In its natural state, the eagle is probably best known for its extremely sharp looking eyes and pointed beak. Of course, the talons of the eagle are also remarkable. When depicting an Eagle, the tattoo artist will need to be told exactly how you want your eagle to look. Probably the most stunning tattoo can be created by simply staying true to how an eagle looks in real life.

Quite a few people also love to experiment with the look of the tattoo. Thus, you can choose from the Celtic way of representing an eagle or even giving it an edgy look by combining the eagle with the sun’s rays, thus giving it an even more powerful look.

Going with mythology

The other aspect of choosing eagle tattoos is also to look at what the Eagles symbolized in different methodologies and civilizations. For instance, ancient Mayans associated the eagle with the Sun. Romans believed that the eagle was the vehicle of choice for ferrying souls to heaven. In India and Hinduism, the eagle is the divine vehicle for one of the Gods. Therefore, if you want a religious or mythological twist, you can certainly combine the picture of the bird with other elements.


When it comes to association with the USA, it is the bald eagle tattoo of course. Otherwise, there are probably more than 60 species of eagle all over the world. So, you can always choose to have a Golden eagle or even a martial eagle if you like the look of these birds.

Thus, getting the right kind of eagle tattoo is all about choosing the right species and then letting your creative juices flow.

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