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Racquetball For Cardio and Weight Loss

To start playing racquetball, you have to register yourself at a local club. Then begin playing 2 times a week. An hour of racquetball burns about 600 calories, which makes it an excellent option at losing weight. Spend around an hour and a half two times a week. Then once in a while you can you can add one more day in the evening or afternoon. You have to start playing and learn the rules. It is advisable to play...

Personal Trainers – Do You Need One?

Is there is one thought that has weaved in and out of your mind in the recent past as far as fitness and weight loss is concerned, it could definitely be the question of whether you need the help of a personal trainer. Today, a personal trainer is not really considered as a luxury. There are plenty of people who have put health and weight loss as their priorities and are turning to the expertise of personal...

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