Building A Google Update Proof SEO Strategy With A Few Tips

Every now and then, Google makes minor and major updates to its algorithms. The very famous Google Dance has left quite a few business organizations dealing with changes in their website rankings.

Looking into the history of Google updates, it is pretty apparent that each major update has targeted a few important aspects when it comes to your website and search engine optimization strategies. The major Google updates in the recent past have dealt with:

  • Web spam,
  • Enhanced knowledge graph expansions,
  • Adding “in-depth articles” in order to make it possible for longer content to make its way into search engine rankings.

One of the biggest questions that a business organization has to deal with is creating or building a Google update proof SEO strategy. Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind to do so.

 Keep up-to-date with Google guidelines

Google also has some pretty intensively detailed guidelines that a Webmaster can follow, understand and implement. This can go a long way in helping craft SEO strategies that will survive the test of Google.

 Keeping it exhaustive

In order to have an SEO strategy that will stand the test of Google updates, you also need to ensure that you have a comprehensive strategy in place. Such a comprehensive strategy will therefore include:

  • Building great content,
  • Using the right kind of keywords and
  • Using keywords correctly,
  • Going for quality rather than quantity when it comes to back links and
  • Keeping your content management systems updated.

 Focusing on multiple sources

While it may seem like Google owns the Internet, this is not really true! The only thing is that as search engines go, Google is the most popularly used one. Therefore, if your website does not figure in the search engine results, the chances are pretty high that you will lose a lot of traffic.

Even as you focus on creating robust SEO strategies, you could also concentrate on doing other things such as:

  • Attracting traffic from other sources,
  • Using emerging technologies such as mobile applications and social media optimization,
  • Staying true to White Hat search engine optimization strategies and
  • Always focusing on building great content.

 Keeping the future in mind

SEO Sydney mentions that you should always ensure that you have a long term strategy in place when it comes to search engine optimization and link building. There is no getting away from the fact that Google will change its algorithms every now and then. But, instead of succumbing to panic, stay calm and continue to work on your content and link building to survive Google updates.


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