Airsoft Guns – Types and Uses

An airsoft gun is a weapon that is meant to simulate a real gun. Some types of airsoft guns use compressed gas to “fire” non-lethal bullets that are usually plastic in nature. The difference between a real gun and an airsoft gun is that a real gun fires metallic bullets while airsoft guns fire plastic bullets.  In addition, real guns are much more powerful than the airsoft guns. Obviously, real guns are lethal while airsoft guns are non-lethal.

Uses of airsoft guns

These devices are used in the following areas:

  • Recreational purposes where two opponents engage each other in a “shoot out” where the opponent who eliminates the other emerges the winner in an airsoft sports competition.
  • They are used to disperse demonstrations that can turn violent. Police in many parts of the world are known to use these weapons to disperse large crowds of protestors. The advantage of these airsoft guns is that they are less likely to cause loss of life except in circumstances where the plastic bullets hit a person’s sensitive area at a very high speed.
  • Actors use airsoft guns in their plays to imitate the operation of a real gun. One actor fires at another actor using the weapon. The shot actor pretends to be dead and this makes the play to look real although the actions are unreal.
  • The gadgets are also used for the training of the police, the military and other security officers. These officers use airsoft guns to learn to shoot accurately.

Types of airsoft guns.

There are three most popular types of airsoft guns:

  • Electric airsoft guns- These are the weapons that rely on rechargeable batteries for driving a motor that helps to fire the plastic bullets. This type is commonly referred to as the automatic electric gun.
  • Spring powered airsoft guns- Unlike the electric guns; this type of guns does not rely on rechargeable batteries. Instead, it uses the energy stored in its spring to compress air that eventually causes the plastic bullets to come out at a high speed. They are less effective when compared to the electric airsoft guns.
  • Hybrid airsoft guns- This is one of the latest types of airsoft guns that have recently been introduced in the market. They are said to be more powerful than the above two types. There are two subtypes of this gun and the subtypes are differentiated by the operation that they employ. They include the gas blow back hybrid operation and the AEG hybrid operation.

All the three types are readily available in the market. You need to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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